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Great accommodations in Manila which is literally like a little city which includes a casino, shops, restaurants, and entertainment

Vacationing in the city of Manila was truly pleasurable. Although we had been enjoying touring and experiencing difference areas and culture of the the Philippines, we were able to relax a bit in the comforts of which we are normally spoiled in our daily lives---air conditioning, hot water, any type of food we desire, etc. We had been on-the-go non-stop having to be or get started at a certain time to arrive somewhere by another designated time. Once we checked into the Hyatt City of Dreams, we knew that we would get some much-needed rest and a more relaxed, no time scheduled, explore or not down time.

If you are one to vacation in the city, Hyatt City of Dreams in Manila is perfection for you. Not only are there shops including a chocolate shop (I found stilettos made out of chocolate!), Dreamworks Dreamplay for families with children, and a casino with live entertainment for adult on site, there are several restaurants including a huge buffet and a la carte restaurant, as well as a level with a few indoor "food trucks" with plenty of seating available as well. You are also able to check with the concierge to catch a shuttle to Chinatown or Mall of Asia located close by in Manila, as well as catch a Grab (similar to an Uber or taxi) to travel and explore further around the city. This lovely hotel and mini city is located very close to Ninoy Aquino International Airport; therefore, it is a very popular destination for tourists, vacationers, or foreigners just wanting to enjoy an amazing weekend getaway.

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