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POLO OUTING - 9.11.2021

Polo Field Location

Our polo outing will be an arena polo experience at Twilight Polo Club, Gate 2 - Great Meadow Foundation, 5089 Old Tavern Road, The Plains, VA 20198. Please note that the open gate number may change on match day; however, there will be signs indicating entrance, and they are close to each other. 



Dan has purchased and secured a VIP package for our party; therefore, we will be situated on the Players’ Side away from the general public. Our reservation is for up to 10 guests; however, we will be at our inner circle’s number of 8–the Rollinses, the Robertses, the Skiavoes, and the Battison & Sarmiento couple. Since this is an outdoor event, if there is a cancellation of matches, the rain date will be the following Saturday, September 18. There will be 3 polo matches for the evening.

See diagram of our reservation area. Where it indicates “Arena Wall,” there is a small ledge where guests may place their refreshments; however, they should be watched if polo play comes near, as the arena wall is the boundary of play, meaning that players and horses are very close to VIP spectators.

Parking & Rides

Included with the VIP Package are 3 parking passes. It is suggested to have the Robertses ride with the Rollinses and the Skiavoes and the Battison & Sarmiento couple each have use of the other parking passes. If this is agreeable to all, parking passes will be sent via text to the Skiavoes and the Battison & Sarmiento couple. There is a designated area for VIP parking away from the general public and very close to the players’ side of the arena polo field. Gates open at 5:30PM and there will be additional VIP reservations to ours, and we are requesting that all guests arrive at 5:30PM, so that we may secure and set up our dining area prior to the first match to start at 6:00PM.


Food & Drink

It is asked that guests use the following link to sign up to fill in slots for décor and menu options. Although the Rollins will provide champagne & coffee, we understand that everyone may want different beverages; therefore, other than the sign up slot for bottled water, guests should plan to bring their beverage of their choice. The sign up link is as follows:


There are food trucks available on-site; however, it is best to bring our own items, as to avoid lines, crowds, and keep as much as we can to our party. 

What to Wear

Wear what is comfortable to you; however, keep in mind a few things:

· There are themes for each week at the Twighlight Polo Club, and the them for September 11 is "Celebrate the Decades: Throw It     

  Back To Your Favorite Decade."

· We will be outdoors in an uncovered VIP seating area.

· It may get chilly after the sun sets.

· Dan recommends to wear a hat if you have one (men & women). Tess recommends sun glasses until after the sun sets. 

Note that since this is an arena polo event, there is no traditional divot stomping between matches. 


What to Bring

In addition to the items included in the sign up link, it is good to note that the VIP area is not covered; therefore, until the sun sets, you may desire to wear a hair or apply sunscreen for your protection and comfort. You may also desire to bring any of the following:

· Bug spray

· Sweater, light jacket, wrap (There are 3 matches at 6:00PM, 7:00PM, and 8:00PM, and it may be chilly once the sun sets.)

· Light throw blanket

· Chair pad or cushion, as chairs may not be very comfortable after a while.

Also note that restroom facilities are portable toilets.



E-mail Tess at or text to 757-235-8657. We're looking forward to gathering for this event!

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