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Sometimes we are inspired by other artists. It could be their chosen subject, the depth and textures they convey, the colors they choose, or simply they provoke thought or a memory. Whomever the artist is and whatever art they create, we are drawn to them. For this Artist Appreciation Blog Hop, I chose "Tan Leaves" by Georgia O'Keefe to inspire me. Georgia O'Keefe is probably most known to many as an artist who painted flowers. I chose this piece due to the richness of color even though there are not many colors in the painting.

The piece which I created is a rather simple card; however, I have added layers and texture to create a different type of depth to express my art. I used similar colors to O'Keefe's painting in hopes to capture a little of her essence in what I created.

To enjoy additional talented papercrafting artists, please click on the links below to navigate your way through their respective Artist Appreciation Blog Hop posts!

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Stunning card Tess! Absolutely Beautiful!


What a beautiful replication of the artwork, well done!


Wow, what a beautiful card. I love the use of colours and layout TFS

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